Lans King and Anaïs de Contades are the founders of the #RomanticRebellion. The #RomanticRebellion is a disruption to the purely intellectual and conceptual nature of much of today’s contemporary art. It is the expression of profound beauty, spirituality, and human connectivity. 

The #RomanticRebellion is a philosophy which fuses the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual elements of our humanity. In art, it also reconciles abstraction and figuration, conceptual and expressive approaches to create works which are truly holistic.

The #RomanticRebellion is a response to the outdated elements of postmodernism. Postmodernism went to its extreme and created some destructive, narcissistic, nihilistic and meaningless ways of living. Furthermore, our society is suffering from the misuse of technology which often results in a deep sense of disconnection. Today we are in an “hyperconnected” world, but at the same time we are less and less connected on a human level.

The #RomanticRebellion is based on the foundation of The New Synthesis school of thought. The New Synthesis seeks to fuse ambivalent elements by combining the best parts of opposed dualities such as humanity and technology, analog and digital, old and new, east and west, fragility and strength, the physical and the spiritual.