The New Muse

Lans King is redefining the muse for contemporary art. Working with a muse is a way of exploring the true human connection that is at the centre of his work. This relationship is lacking when an artist appropriates his images from the internet or some other media.

Lans chose the prodigious French artist Anaïs de Contades as his muse because she incarnates what he calls The New Muse. Working with a muse who is also an artist allows for an enriching collaboration.

Unlike the muses in Renaissance art and even in Modern art, Lans does not want his muse to be a passive "object". He wants his muse to be more than a model; he wants her to be a creative, active and inspiring figure. He wants her to represent the 21st century woman.

Anaïs has become a predominate subject of his art; much of his work is based on some aspect of her. Even when the figure is more abstract, she is still very present. Anaïs is at once of her time and timeless.

She is part of her generation but also she reminds him of someone from our history. Authentic, real and free-spirited, Lans believes that Anaïs will be an icon for her generation, so he often represents her as an icon… 

In Greek and Roman mythology, there were nine muses. So, whilst Anais is his primary muse, Lans is also inspired by other women who represent some aspect of #RomanticRebellion.

He is particularly interested in creative women, as well as those who promote or inspire creativitiy. They will also be featured in his work.