Lans King

“It's as though I've been a robot, and through my art, I’m becoming more human.” - Lans King 

Lans King is becoming known for bringing the "New Muse" to contemporary art. His art is about humanity and technology. It celebrates real human connections in our society where technology is becoming omnipresent and life is becoming more "virtual".  His work includes painting, sculpture, video, projections onto paintings and multimedia installations. Lans lives and works between Paris, London and New York. His work has already been acquired by a number of important collectors. 


Despite the strict environment of his youth and many obstacles later on, Lans King was destined to become an artist. He was born in St. Vincent, British Antilles and moved to New York with his family at 8 years old. Notwithstanding his predisposition to a creative life, his interests were discouraged in favour of maths and sciences. He began his education in physics at the University of Rochester, New York, but changed to cognitive science in a search for something more humanist. The curriculum focused on philosophy of knowledge, human/machine interaction and artificial intelligence which fascinated him. However, his passion for art was ever increasing. He passed much of his time at university in the art libraries and in museums. 

For many years he worked at top digital and communication agencies specialising in luxury brands. He became friends with artists who recognised his creative talents and considered him as "one of them" even before he began share his work publicly. However, his responsibilities made it difficult for him to completely follow the artist’s path. Lans then moved to Europe, living between Paris and London. He continued his agency work but in parallel to his “day job”, he developed his art practice, drawing ideas from his studies and from his work experience. He also educated himself about the history of art.

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The New Synthesis
Lans King founded the school of thought called The New Synthesis which seeks to reconcile dualities such as humanity & technology, real & virtual, analog & digital, organic & plastic, past & future. In art, he also seeks a union of figuration & abstraction, of conceptual & expressionist, …

Drawing on these ideas, his paintings combines algorithms, digital printing and manual painting techniques to create a new aesthetic.  Similarly, his sculpture combines 3D printing with manual sculpture techniques such wood carving and terracotta moulding. Lans is by no means an "academic" artist, but his way of working is very experimental.  His works are in themselves part of his ongoing research to consider the future of painting, sculpture and perhaps "art" itself as humanity is experiencing dramatic changes.

Lans met the prodigious French artist Anaïs de Contades. She became his muse and brought another dimension to the ideas of The New Synthesis. Going beyond the ideas of The New Synthesis, they founded the #RomanticRebellion. Inspired by Anaïs and the #RomanticRebellion, he pushed his work towards a more expressive and a structured/destructured aesthetic. 

Lans often collaborates with his muse to highlight the importance of real human connection in the real/analog world. Today, in our high-tech society, many of our interactions are experienced in the virtual/digital world. Furthermore, instead of appropriation of images from popular media, he has also chosen to work with a muse with whom he shares a spiritual connection.

Lans King’s visionary work doeen't seek to simply reflect the ccomplex issues of our relationship to technology. It also strives to assert our human qualities at a time when they are being challenged by the omnipresence of that technology.

In addition to new painting and sculpture, Lans is currently developing multimedia installations that include projections onto paintings, sound, olfactory sensations and even a live model...