Lans King

“It's as though I've been a robot, and through my art, I’m becoming more human.” - Lans King 

Lans King is becoming known for bringing the New Muse to contemporary art. His paintings have already been acquired by a number of important collectors. 

Lans' work often represent the life of his muse Anaïs. Instead of appropriating an icon from popular culture, he is offering her as a symbol for his ideas. Lans is also one of the primary subjects of his own work. 

Lans King's work includes painting, sculpture, video, augmented reality, projections onto paintings and multimedia installations.

His paintings combines algorithms, digital printing and manual painting techniques to create a new aesthetic. Similarly, his sculpture combines 3D printing with manual sculpture techniques such wood carving and terracotta moulding.

The New Synthesis
Lans King founded the school of thought called The New Synthesis which seeks to unify seemingly opposed dualities such as humanity & technology, real & virtual, analog & digital, organic & plastic, past & future. In art, he also seeks a union of figuration & abstraction, of conceptual & expressionist, …

These ideas are represented by his symbol the Double Ampersand (or Double And). He uses this symbol in a series of works (painting and sculpture) as a formal element to create “abstractions”.

Lans chose the prodigious French artist Anaïs de Contades  as his muse because she incarnates what he calls The New Muse. She also brought another dimension to the ideas of The New Synthesis. Going beyond the ideas of The New Synthesis, they founded the #RomanticRebellion

The #RomanticRebellion is a way of life which celebrates the human spirit in a time of major technological change. It is the expression of profound beauty, spirituality, and human connectivity. 


Lans King was born in St. Vincent, British Antilles and moved to New York with his family at 8 years old. His interest in a creative path was not fostered; it was discouraged in favour of math and science. 

He studied cognitive science (the science of mind) at University of Rochester in New York. The curriculum focused on philosophy of knowledge, human/machine interaction and artificial intelligence. Lans is autodidact in studio art and the history of art.

He lives and works between Paris, London and New York.